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Lisa Crane


About The Artist

Artist Statement

I find sculpting clay into a human or animal form quite humbling. Once sculpted, the figure takes on presence, and has become an individual with its own soul.

Symbols and metaphors are the language of the individual and collective unconscious. In my work, symbols and metaphors serve as the mythological entré into serious themes of the nature of the human soul and the interconnectivity of all life. Blurring lines between reality and fantasy through combining recognizable elements of different species allow symbolism and metaphor to be profoundly heard in ways that words cannot express. When I am working on a piece, I often suffer from insomnia where I lie awake while my brain works through challenges and questions regarding the work. It is at the moments of dropping off to sleep and just upon awakening – before the hard reality of the day sets in – that my ideas and answers come in with the most clarity. In the studio, the idea alters as I let the clay continue to inform what I do.

I’m intrigued by the hero’s journey, cultural mythologies, ancient symbols, folklore, and of course, dreams. Shakespeare said that art is a mirror held up to nature. I believe that the nature he spoke of is our nature, and all these symbols and mythologies found in art are referring to something in us. My hope is that my work may speak to the viewer, and allow them to see a little of themself there.

Artist Bio

Lisa Crane is a ceramic sculptural artist living in Santa Barbara, California. Her sculptures speak though metaphor and symbolism by combining unexpected elements of differing species, and by placing human or animal elements in unexpected situations. As a psychotherapist primarily treating victims of abuse in Miami and the mountains of North Carolina, Ms. Crane witnessed the effectiveness of communicating though the language of symbolism and metaphor with individuals who were resistant to more traditional communication. Ms. Crane believes these languages of the psyche speak to us in ways that words cannot. For example, in her sculpture, Follow Me into Your Dreams, a woman’s head and shoulders ride along in a boat with a bird scouting ahead at the bow. This piece might symbolize the journey of floating between sleep and wakefulness, the universal experience of making a transition from unawareness to knowing, or perhaps the crossing from life into death.

Ms. Crane studied sculpture at Miami Dade College and workshops with artists Lisa Clague, Debra Fritts, and Suzannah Zucker. In her first show at the Westmont College’s Ridley-Tree Museum of Art in Montecito, CA in May, 2018, she won an award for her piece, Follow Me into Your Dreams. Ms. Crane is currently finishing a two-headed diptych and working on a large abstract installation piece.

Lisa Crane sculpts in her home studio with studio pups  – Huck, a scruffy terrier, and Crosby, a smiling whippet. Ms. Crane continues to volunteer with children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect in addition to her work as a studio artist.